We are a team of diverse mental health practitioners
committed to walking with you toward health and wellness.

Services offered in English, Spanish, Farsi, Mandarin
Please be advised that practitioners at Redbird Therapy Centre are independent contractors and not employees

Barbara Brown

RP, BSc Hon, MTS
(Clinical Member OSRP)

Clinical Director & Supervisor,
Registered Psychotherapist
Redbird Therapy Centre

Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

            Virtual & Limited in-person sessions            (Bloor & Spadina)

Individuals, Couples, Families

Fee: $220
Sliding scale: $170-$210 (Full)

With over 33 years in mental health and addiction services, I bring a strong mix of approaches to help you find your way forward. Integrating CBT, mindfulness, coaching, insight and body-based therapies, together we will build pathways forward that work for you. Our therapeutic work can help you climb out of whatever difficult emotional spot you’re in, and help you build the life you’ve been dreaming of.

Areas of specialization include: anxiety, depression and bipolar disorders, relationship challenges, addictions, esteem, trauma, creativity, career directions, sexual and gender identity, sexuality, and spirituality. I work with individuals, couples, poly relationships, and families.

I believe there’s a resilient spirit in each person, moving us towards peace, wholeness, and contentment. Our work together can help you hear that within yourself and build courage to act on your dreams from your most authentic self.

Nic Cadman

RP, BA, MEd Counselling Psychology
(Clinical Member, OSRP)

Registered Psychotherapist,

Availability: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

               Virtual & In-Person sessions           (Bloor & Spadina)


Fee: $160
Sliding scale: $120-$150 (Full)

Through a strong empathic connection, we will work to help you reach your life goals. My hope is that our therapeutic process will give you tangible skills, emotional insights, and result in concrete improvements in your life. I believe you know what is most important to you and working together, you will build a path that is right for you.

Areas of specialization: I practice from an eclectic approach that blends techniques from CBT, ACT, and Narrative therapies. My areas of specialty are anxiety and depression, self-esteem, trauma, and relationship challenges.

I received my training at University of Toronto Masters of Counselling and Psychotherapy program. Prior to my Masters, I worked at Toronto Distress Centres providing emotional support to people reaching out during times of crisis and uncertainty. 

I’ve learned over the years that people are the best judges of the support they need and what the barriers are in their way. I’m here for you. Our time together will be to work toward achieving the life you want to be living.


Myroslava Tyzkyj

RP, BA, RVT, OPC Diploma Psych
(CAPT Member)

Registered Psychotherapist,

Availability: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Virtual sessions until further notice


Fee: $160
Sliding scale: $120-$150 (Full)

Do you find yourself facing the same challenges time and time again? There comes a time when our tried and true ways of coping are no longer helpful. Whether you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, recent or childhood trauma, life transitions, grief and loss, self-esteem or personal identity issues I will work with you to develop new ways of coping that are relevant to the person you want to be today. I aim to provide a safe, confidential space for you to explore your true self. I focus on supporting the whole person; mind, body and spirit in uncovering the unconscious thoughts, beliefs and feelings that drive one’s behaviour in the present.

Areas of specialization include: Bereavement and loss, 2SLGBTQ issues, gender identity, trauma, depression, anxiety, pet loss, anger issues, self-esteem, relationship issues and social women’s issues.

I use an empathic and compassionate approach, using an anti-oppression, intersectional feminist lens to help guide you to the roots of emotional suffering. Together we will work to create a life for you that is authentic and fulfilling.


Jessica Weeks

RP, BA, MA Counselling Psychology
(OAMHP Member)
NHIB Registration

Registered Psychotherapist,

Availability: Tuesday and Thursday

               Virtual and In-Person sessions               (Belleville, ON) 

Individuals, Couples

Fee: $170
Sliding scale: $130-$160

It is my goal to honour your individuality and be a collaborative participant in your journey towards growth and self-exploration. I work to create a strong, trusting bond with you within which we can make positive change possible. Through connection and compassion, I believe that many things are possible. 

Areas of specialization include: substance use issues, attachment and connection, depression, anxiety, anger, and relationship issues. With 7+ years experience, I draw from clinical approaches, such as CBT, DBT, and somatic psychotherapies in a trauma-informed manner. I have supported individuals with behavioural and emotional difficulties, have specialized experience in substance use treatment, and hold a special interest in supporting those involved in the criminal justice system.

You’re the expert on your experience and it is my role to work alongside you to achieve your goals in a safe environment. I value providing a non-judgmental space for you to share your story, explore your goals, and achieve a life that feels valuable to you.

I am registered with Non-Insured Health Benefits for mental health services for registered First Nations & Intuit people.

Terri Roberton

(OAMHP Member)

Registered Psychotherapist,

Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday

Virtual sessions and Eco-Walking sessions (Leslieville, Toronto)

Individuals, Couples, Families

Fee: $200
Sliding scale: $150-$190

Are you looking to rekindle your connection with heartfulness, passion and wholeness? I have over 15 of creative arts-based, relational, and somatic therapy experience at the ready to support you. As a practitioner of the Gabor Maté Compassionate Inquiry approach, as well as the Laurence Heller NARM method, I offer support towards healing relational injuries and developmental trauma.

Areas of specialization: I have collaborated alongside clients on issues of confidence, sexuality, identity, relationships; developmental trauma, depression, anxiety, isolation, equity, intersecting or compartmentalized worlds, out of control behaviours, life transitions, and living with neuro-diversity in this world. I work with individuals, families, polycules and also facilitate groups. 2SLGBTTQQIAAPKinkSW+ aware.

I am here to support your rekindling with authenticity, integrity, and openness to the path that is yours.

Paulina Camino

RP(Q), BA, MA Counselling Psychology
Spanish & English services

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying),

Availability: Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

Virtual sessions until further notice

Individuals, Couples, Families

Fee: $150
Sliding scale: $110-$140

In our everyday life we may find ourselves going through difficult situations. In some of these circumstances we are able to directly influence what is happening, and in some we are simply called to face them with courage and resilience. We may also find we are repeating behavioural patterns that lead us to unwanted results. I provide an empathic space to process your experiences and find your way toward the freedom and changes you are seeking.

Areas of specialization: Acculturation, couples, LGBTQIA+, anxiety, finding purpose, academic and career guidance, finding purpose, emotion management, life changes and transitions, self-understanding, depression, and stress management. I use Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Internal Family Systems, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Sand Tray Therapy, and Mindfulness.

I am here to understand your personal story. Through this exploration we will work together to help you find clarity and healing. Within you is the motivation and resilience that we will discover.

Positive Space practices: this is a place where human rights are respected.  

En nuestra vida cotidiana nos podemos enfrentar con dificultades. En alguna de estas circunstancias podemos directamente influenciar lo que nos esta pasando, en cambio en otras nos toca enfrentar con valentia y resiliencia. Ademas, podemos encontrarnos repitiendo patrones de comportamiento que nos lleva a resultados no deseados. Yo ofrezco un espacio empático para procesar tus experiencias y encontrar tu camino a la libertad y a los cambios que estás buscando.
Estoy aquí para entender tu historia personal. Por medio de esta exploración trabajaremos juntos para ayudar en clarificación y sanación. Dentro de ti está la motivación y la resiliencia que descubriremos. Práctica de Espacio Positivo: este es un lugar donde los derechos humanos son respetados.

Liz Bostwick

RP(Q), BA Hon, MEd Counselling Psychology (Qualifying Member, OSRP)

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Associate

Availability: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

      Virtual and Limited In-Person sessions       (Bloor & Spadina) 

Individuals, Couples, Families

Fee: $150
Sliding scale: $110-140

I have a deep belief in the uniqueness of every person and my job as a therapist is to meet you with curiosity and compassion. Our work together will invite you to open the door to a better understanding of yourself and help you develop inner resources to make space for the joy and meaning in your life. My 6+ years of experience supporting individuals who have experienced trauma and struggle with substance use has shown me that healing is possible within a trauma-informed, anti-oppressive environment.

Areas of specialization:  Trauma, anxiety, depression, self-esteem, substance use and relational difficulties.

I practice from an integrative approach connecting mindfulness, somatic, narrative and emotion-focused therapies. I am passionate about incorporating mindful self-compassion and polyvagal practices in sessions to help you build emotion regulation. I’m also committed to accessible mental health education and offer learning opportunities through my YouTube video channel, LizB Therapy.

My hope for our work together is to create an authentic and non-judgmental environment where you feel safe and supported on your journey towards healing and discovering your most authentic self. 

Ann Rogerson

RP(Q), BKin Hon, MEd Counselling Psychology (Qualifying Member, OSRP)

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying), Associate

Availability: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Virtual sessions until further notice


Fee: $150
Sliding scale: $110-140

I approach therapy with the belief that all individuals are capable of growth and can create long-lasting positive change. Understanding that individuals come from different backgrounds, I believe that you are the expert in your life and that you know what you need to bring about your desired outcomes. My experience in the field ranges from outpatient hospital settings to crisis work and community-based programs. With over five years of experience in the mental health field, I have seen firsthand how individuals can transform their lives with appropriate care and support.

Areas of specialization: Our work will pull from various modalities such as cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness, narrative therapy, acceptance commitment therapy, and emotion-focused therapy. My areas of focus include anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationship concerns, phobias, and trauma work. 

I am passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding mental health by providing psychoeducation and using appropriate humor to normalize and raise awareness of mental health experiences, you can find this content on Instagram by searching @mentalhealthwellness.

In sessions, you can expect my presence to be energetic, empathetic, and validating as we work together to navigate a path forward. Ultimately my goal is to help you develop skills and tools that are meaningful to you, and that move you towards your therapeutic goals.

Linda Moradzadeh

BA Hons, MA, PhD, Certified Coach
MEd Counselling Psychology Candidate

Psychotherapist in Training

Availability: Wednesday & Friday

Virtual sessions until further notice

Individuals, Families

Fee: $120
Sliding scale: $80-110 (Full)

Every life brings with it a set of challenges unique to each individual. I believe that you, and each person, are capable of facing and rising from these challenges when provided the right tools and support. I’m interested to hear your story and to help you find healing and peace in areas that feel stuck. I believe that you can be the best version of yourself. 


I use an integrative approach drawing on mindfulness, CBT, brain science, coaching, narrative, attachment-based and emotion-focused therapies. My psychotherapy services are greatly informed by my PhD in Cognitive Psychology & Neuroscience.


Areas of interest: depression, anxiety, trauma, life transitions, career guidance, self-esteem, relationship and family issues, parenting challenges, self-understanding, finding purpose & meaning, and spirituality. 


I provide an empathic, compassionate, and non-judgmental space where you are free to be yourself. It’s a place where you can feel safe to seek and find the answers you are searching for. My goal is to help guide you to find the peace you need while also creating the life you want. 


Initial consultations with Redbird’s Clinical Director, Barbara Brown.

Subashini (Sue) Warnakulasooriya​

MCMH, MSc, E.Ed Counselling Psychology Candidate
English & Sinhalese services 

Psychotherapist in Training

Availability: Friday & Saturday

Virtual sessions until further notice


Fee: $120
Sliding scale: $80-110

I believe every person is unique. Sometimes life sends us to curve balls that may be too much to handle by ourselves. Sometimes, we have feelings built up but no one is there to listen or understand. Other times we need someone to help us collect our thoughts, re-group, and take action. I know, because I’ve been there. And because it’s the human experience.

Empathy, authenticity, and active listening are what I bring to our therapy work together. I am currently a UofT doctoral student in Counselling Psychology. I draw on CBT, Narrative, Solution Focused Brief therapy, and client-centered techniques. I graduated from Texas Tech University with a Clinical Mental Health Masters degree and a Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies.

Areas of interest: parenting, addiction, grief, stress management, health and body concerns, coping with life changes, refugee concerns, immigration, anxiety, and depression. I have six years experience of providing support to international students and those immigrating, helping them settle in a new country. I am committed to equity, diversity, and have a keen awareness of multiculturalism needs.

Together we will find the therapy approach that matches your needs. Counseling is a great way to discover yourself in a safe and nonjudgmental environment. We will work collaboratively to find pathways to what you want in realistic, achievable ways.

Initial consultations with Redbird’s Clinical Director, Barbara Brown.

Amelia Deng

RP(Q), BA, MEd Counselling Psychology Candidate
(Qualifying Member OSRP)
English & Mandarin Services

Therapist in Training

Availability: Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday

Virtual sessions until further notice

Individuals, Couples, Families

Fee: $100
Sliding scale: $60-90

In our daily lives we may face obstacles and experience challenging situations. I believe that we all have the inner strength to achieve our values and live meaningfully despite such challenges. Our counselling work together can help you find your voice and craft the stories that you hope to live by. Knowing your own story creates the possibility of making it real and achieving what you dream of. My hope is you will discover your own strengths and move forward to achieve your values in life.

Areas of interest include: anxiety, depression, mood disorders, relationship challenges, trauma, and transitional challenges. I work with both individuals and families.

With over 5 years of experience in the mental health field, I use an integrative approach of varied techniques to best fit those I work with. I believe in collaborative goal settings, honoring your voice, and supporting your goals for therapy. I strive to create a safe and caring therapeutic environment for everyone I work with.

Initial consultations with Redbird’s Clinical Director, Barbara Brown.






这里将会体验,倾诉 、共情、觉察的奇妙,



Malgosia Wenderski

BSc Hon, MEd Candidate

Therapist in Training

Availability: Tuesday & Thursday

Virtual sessions until further notice


Fee: $100
Sliding scale: $60-90

I deeply commend you on your curiosity and courage in seeking therapy. At your pace, our work can help you reach your goals.  We will honour your strengths, values and the resilience you bring to life. Together, we can build a bridge towards authenticity and growth in a safe, empathetic, and ethical space in which you can explore. I have been dedicated to my passion for counselling for many years. I provided over four years of crisis intervention and emotional support at the Distress Centres of Greater Toronto.  I am currently completing a Masters of Education in Counselling with a thesis exploring another passion – the relationship between fashion and mental health. 

Areas of interest include: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, trauma, identity, life transitions, career directions, navigating oppression and academic stress.

I believe everyone can become the best version of themselves. Whether you are embarking on a new chapter in life, simply turning a page, or re-writing your life story, I am here to support you.  Through our work together, hopefully you too can see that your potential is limitless. 

Initial consultations with Redbird’s Clinical Director, Barbara Brown.