Benjamin Rubinoff

BSc, OCG Certificate Addiction & Mental Health, MSc Psychotherapy Candidate

Pronouns: He/Him


Availability: Mondays, Wednesdays

Virtual sessions

Individuals, Families

Fee: $60-100 (sliding scale)

Who could you be? What kinds of relationships could you have with others and the world around you? We all have potential paths we could walk, but occasionally we stumble or pause, uncertain of how to proceed or where to go. Together we can help you navigate these winding paths, addressing obstacles to joy and strengthening resilience to life’s challenges. Let’s find out where we can go.

Focus Areas: meaning and identity, relationship and family issues, ADHD, life transitions, men’s mental health, substance use, LGBTQ2IA+ and Indigenous folks.

I’m a Therapist-in-Training, completing my Master’s degree in Psychotherapy at McMaster University. I approach my work from a trauma-informed, compassion-focused perspective, drawing on my background in neuroscience, philosophy, and art.

My practice is rooted in cultivating a nonjudgmental and collaborative therapeutic relationship where you can feel safe expressing yourself and exploring. I’m dedicated to creating an inclusive therapeutic environment for people from all walks of life.