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Trauma is a deeply personal and often hidden struggle that many people carry with them. It can result from a range of experiences, from accidents to abuse or even the loss of a loved one. Sometimes trauma impacts result from living in a difficult or toxic situation – as a child or as an adult – for an extended time.

Trauma can have a profound impact, leaving emotional scars that affect our daily lives. It might lead to distressing memories, anxiety, difficulties with emotional intensity, or a sense of numbness.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and lasting trauma wounds result when what you have lived through overwhelms your capacity to cope. Processing the experience and feelings you were having just wasn’t possible at the time. You may have lived through domestic violence or child abuse (physical, sexual or emotional). You may have experienced systemic discrimination, war, immigration traumas, or physical injuries. Similarly, you may have grown up in an emotionally invalidating environment or worked in a toxic environment.

It’s essential to know that trauma is not your fault, and it’s okay to seek help. With the support of compassionate professionals, you can begin the journey towards understanding and healing. You are not alone in this; there is hope for a brighter future. Your strength in seeking help is the first step towards finding peace and resilience.

At Redbird Therapy Centre, we are all trauma-informed and trauma-treatment therapists. Each psychotherapist brings their own unique approach and training to their trauma treatment. Here are some of the approaches we use at Redbird Therapy.

Body-Centered & Mindfulness –  RahwaBarbara, Myroslava, Liz, Jessica, Terri, Jonathan, Nic, Benjamin, Liana and the Low-Cost Counselling Program.

Creative Arts – Terri

Immigration & Refugee –  Rahwa, Terri, Barbara, Benjamin, Liana, Low-Cost Counselling Program

Involvement in the Criminal Justice System: Jessica, Nic, Terri, Barbara