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Gender & Sexuality Identity

Exploring your gender and sexuality identity is often a complex journey. It’s perfectly normal to question, discover, and embrace these aspects of yourself. Remember, you’re not alone in this exploration; there is so much information and many resources available as you discover who you are.

It’s okay to take your time, seek support, and express your true self. The path to self-acceptance can be both liberating and challenging, but we are here and able to accompany you on this journey. With support, you can navigate your identity authentically, free from judgment and full of self-acceptance. You deserve to live as your genuine self, and there’s hope for a future where you can be true to who you are.

All of our psychotherapists are LGBTQ2S+, Positive and Informed. Redbird Psychotherapists with additional expertise include Myroslava, Jonathan, Terri, Liz, Rahwa, Nic, Barbara, Benjamin and our Low Cost Counselling Program.