Get to Know Your Blood Markers

By: Redbird Therapy & Cristina Tahoces, Registered Natural Nutritional Consultant Practitioner 

Redbird Therapy is thrilled to be partnering with Cristina Tahoces, Nutritionist, to bring you an incredible webinar about perimenopause – the up’s and down’s both in mental and physical health. Cristina will be presenting her “Get to Know Your Blood Markers” Workshop and I will be joining her to speak about the mental health needs of this important time in a woman’s life. So save the date! Thursday September 28th at 7.30pm EST.

View Cristina Tahoces’ recent newsletter below:

Struggling with anxiety?

And do you feel it’s getting worse as you go through your perimenopausal years?  Or – do you feel like your anxiety is worse in the mornings? 

As it turns out perimenopause can bring on anxiety — and for some women, this anxiety hits them particularly hard in the mornings.

Anxiety can occur due to the estrogen and progesterone imbalance that occurs during perimenopause or menopause.

When this hormonal system gets out of balance, symptoms of anxiety, depression, irritability, mood swings, foggy brain, tense muscles, and sleep disturbances can all occur.

As it turns out, when estrogen declines, we lose its regulating effect on our brain and nervous system and so our mood and behaviour can be impacted. 

Progesterone is also known as our “chillax” hormone; and so, when it declines so does our ability to not sweat the small stuff. 

I don’t know about you, but some months, that last week before my period when progesterone is at its lowest – I can be a total mess.  The smallest of setbacks can set my ruminator-mode into high gear and I can lose all perspective.

If your mental health is feeling fragile and you’d like a holistic support plan, please consider getting some bloodwork done.

We are conditioned to seeing & treating anxiety as a mental health condition. 

But the mind and are body are one. 

Both depression and anxiety are linked to systemic inflammation.  
  • High fasting glucose can manifest or heighten anxiety & mood disorders.
  • low TSH result might mean that your thyroid is also hyperactive and contributing to anxiety.
  • Declines in mental health are almost always accompanied by other symptoms, like lower immunity.  Clinical studies show that the higher the severity of depression and anxiety, the more elevated the White Blood Cell count in patients. C-Reactive Protein (another inflammation marker for cardiovascular health) can also be elevated.
Understanding your bloodwork can give you very clear direction as to how to adjust your nutrition & lifestyle in order to really maximise the benefit of mental health therapies, like mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & somatic work. 

Our mind & body really are one.  Understanding how one affects the other is crucial.

That’s why I’m so pleased that Redbird Therapy is collaborating with me on the “Get to Know Your Blood Markers” Workshop. 

All details to follow but please save the date for Thursday September 28th at 7.30pm EST.  A recording will be made available to those who register.

Barbara Brown, Registered Psychotherapist and Clinical Director of Redbird will join us that evening to share her wisdom regarding mental health in the perimenopausal years.  

Should you be in immediate need of mental health support, please check out and get in touch with Redbird Therapy. 

Redbird has also partnered with a mental health wellness NGO in Mombasa, Kenya to support the outreach work they do with the children in their community.  They run this educational exchange yearly as a family-friendly program (i.e. yes! You can do this with your kids!). You can learn more on July 13th by registering for their Info Session.  

Don’t forget to sign up for the “Get to Know Your Blood Markers” Workshop on September 28th. 

Or get in touch to create your personalised nutritional plan based on your blood markers.  

Much love, 

Why Bloodwork is important for Effective Nutrition Plans

Cristina Tahoces is a the owner of Thrive Nutrition Practice, a global online wellness business that helps leaders be more physically & mentally resilient to stress. She shared her nutritional approach on the TEDx stage in 2017 as part of the TED Women’s Global Conference. She is a sought-after expert speaker & panelist on burnout, women’s post-natal wellness & metabolic health.

Cristina is a registered Natural Nutritional Consultant Practitioner with the Canadian Association for Natural Nutritional Practitioners. 

Our mind & body are one.  Understanding the interplay is crucial. Join Cristina and Barbara to learn more about how your Blood Markers could help you move more effectively through the physical and psychological challenges of your perimenopausal years. 

Cost: FREE

Where: via Zoom

When: Thurs. Sept. 28th at 7:00pm EST.  

Registration via Calendly.


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