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Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and Depression are two common emotional struggles that many people face. They can limit your ability to take care of your life, shift your thoughts to negative loops, and get in the way of feeling joy. Anxiety and depression can be tiring or agitating, and it is always hard to live with.

Anxiety, in its natural form, serves to protect us, letting us know there might be a problem afoot. But when it becomes overwhelming, it can lead to excessive fears and worries that disrupt our daily lives. Depression, often experienced as an enduring sadness and a loss of interest in things we once enjoyed, can make life feel heavy and difficult. Sometimes, these feelings of anxiety and depression come together, making it all the more challenging.

There is a lot of discussion about the genesis of anxiety and depression symptoms – genetic or biological illness, responsive to life stresses, or a history of trauma? Each person may answer this question differently. Whatever the triggering circumstance, both anxiety and depression have very known patterns of thought, physical sensation, and emotions. This commonality oddly creates opportunities for us to learn how to tend to the symptoms effectively.

Please remember, you’re not alone in this, and there is hope. Our team of empathetic therapists is here to provide you with a caring and non-judgmental space to explore your feelings, confront your fears, reconsider your thought patterns, and develop effective coping strategies.

Whether you’re just beginning to grapple with these conditions or seeking to manage persistent symptoms, we are dedicated to walking with you throughout your journey. Rediscover hope, regain control, and find the path to healing. You are not alone, and we are here to offer a helping hand as you embark on your personal journey to find relief from anxiety and depression.

Any of Redbird Therapy’s Psychotherapists, including the Low-Cost Counselling Program, can provide support for the anxiety and depression symptoms you may be experiencing.