Upcoming Programs

Immediate support

Low Cost Therapy

Offered by various Therapists-in-Training:

  • Linda Moradzadeh, BA Hons, MA, PhD, Certified Coach, MEd Counselling Psychology Candidate
  • Amelia Deng, RP(Qualifying), BA, MEd Counselling Psychology Candidate
  • Malgosia Wenderski, BSc Hon, MEd Counselling Psychology Candidate
Cost: $60 – $120/session
Please reach out via email (

Immediate and short-term support available (2-4 sessions)

Grief Support for Pet Loss 

Offered by Myroslava Tyzkyj BA, RVT, RP

Whether your beloved pet has died after a long and wonderful life, or if they have tragically or unexpectedly passed, I am here to walk with you. As a Registered Psychotherapist, I specialize in supporting those grieving the loss of their pet companion.

Cost: $160/session
Please reach out via email ( or click the button below to book an appointment online.

Hola! La vida que estás buscando es posible. Soy un Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) aquí en Ontario. Y estoy brindando mis servicios de psicoterapia en Español. Te invito a una sesión introductoria de cortesía! Optar por terapia es una decisión que ayuda integralmente a tu vida. Puedes optar por apoyo de corto o largo término. Te espero!

Paulina Camino, Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

January 21 – February 1, 2023

Retreat & Knowledge-Share Program

Presented by Redbird Therapy Centre (Toronto, Canada) 
In collaboration with 
Wema Centre & Mahali Pa Usalama (Mombasa, Kanya)


– Share from personal and professional experience
– Participate in art group therapy sessions with the girls of Wema Centre, led by the Kenyan counsellors
– Participate in street outreach
– Contribute to local agencies
– Optional: Kenya Safari Retreat to integrate your Kutana experiences

$3500 USD PP includes:
– 4 Preparatory Group Coaching Sessions
–  One-week intensive program at Wema Centre & Mahali Pa Usalama
– Accommodations
– Meals
– Domestic Transport
– Donation to Kenyan Agencies

$2500 USD PP: Optional Safari Retreat
– Magical 4-day Safari Retreat hosted by Believe Safari to integrate your Kutana experiences  

Kutana accepts financial sponsorship gifts of any amount.

$1000 USD sponsors in-full a Kenyan Counsellor from additional organizations to attend OR provides a subsidy to a North American participant who is in financial need. 

Thank you for your generosity!