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Redbird Therapy Centre is committed to empowering, collaborative processes to support your growth and change. Our work is rooted in empathy, acceptance, and anti-oppressive practices.
Redbird Therapy Centre offers Psychotherapy and Coaching services with a focus on supporting you to create change in your life and your mental wellness.
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Languages: English, Arabic

We know it’s a risk to reach out and ask for the help you need. It is also a courageous act of self-love. We are here to help you whenever you’re ready.
We have an incredible team of trauma-informed practitioners who bring a diversity of experience and approaches. We believe that “fit” is essential for effective mental health services and offer a free initial consultation to determine which therapist is right for you.


We are a team of diverse mental health practitioners committed to walking with you toward health and wellness.

Barbara Brown

RP, BSc Hon, MTS
(Clinical Member OSRP)

Yamam Abuzinadah

(Professional Member CCPA)

Nic Cadman

BA Hon, MEd Counselling
Psychology Canadidate

Shalyn Isaacs

BA Hon, MEd Counselling
Psychology Canadidate